I'm Charlie Hulcher.

At Spire, expanding global access to markets and services. Shrinking geographic, technological, and literacy barriers to finance, identity, ownership, and community in emerging markets through blockchain technology.

CTO & Co-Founder of UpChannel. Studied Electrical Engineering for 4 years. Studied abroad in Shanghai, U.A.E., and Qatar.

I'm into travel, hiking, photography, and cooking.



Expanding global access to markets and services. Shrinking geographic, technological, and literacy barriers to finance, identity, ownership, and community in emerging markets through blockchain technology.

Leveraging exclusive massive smartphone distribution, powering innovative digital currency wallets and a DApp marketplace in emerging markets with UpChannel.

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Universal Native Boilerplate

Write your new app's code once and package it natively for Android, iOS, macOS, web, and Windows.

This open source project comes with everything you need to start building a production-ready app.

Just download and start building.

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App Designer

- Present

Use drag and drop to build cross-platform native apps. Publish in a few clicks. Add interactivity, data, and logic without code. Scale to millions of users. No compiling, always live. Test in real-time. Collaborate with your team.

Two years of effort comes together. Led the three-person team that designed and implemented the app designer and its siblings: UpChannel Cloud, Cloud Build System, and UpChannel Dashboard.

React Native Gulp AWS SQS, EC2, RDS, S3, KMS Node

Tred - Virtual Reality Immersion

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- Present

Won "largest hackathon in history" - Grand Prize at LA Hacks. Built in 36 hours with team of three.

Our treadmill captures user movement and translates it into motion in any virtual reality world. Designed to be low-cost, widely compatible, and high-performance.

Arduino Python Oculus Rift Hardware
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Autonomous Hovercraft

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Won college-wide Clark School of Engineering freshman competition.

Led team of ten to design and build an autonomous hovercraft to navigate a course and retrieve a payload.

Arduino Hardware Math

More Projects

Amation - SVG Animation Tool

Won First Prize with Amation at Penn Apps X hackathon.

Create rich, deployable animations from svg layers through a slick online interface. Team of four built in 24 hours.


Essential School Tools

Automated tools that make life easier as a student.

Like Google Now meets GreaseMonkey for students.

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Served as Logistics, Production, and Web Lead on Executive Leadership Team for 2 years.

Managed logistics and technology. Built the TEDxUMD website at the time. Advised new team to pass the torch.


Node Run Command

An easy to use NPM package for running terminal commands from Node. Supports sequential/parallel and useful options. Callbacks and promises supported.

npm install node-run-cmd
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Indoor Navigation

Won nation-wide ViaSat intern hackathon.

Map of an indoor office with occupancy for every office. Search and get directions to find people. Integrated with Outlook.


Machine Learning

Hand coded different machine learning classifiers and cluster strategies. Used to recognize hand-written digits from a USPS data-set.


Modeling Epidemics

Used deterministic methods to build and fit models to outbreak data from the CDC in order to explore the affect of different parameters on fit.


Seq & Wine Me!

Part of two hackathon teams at the first YC Hacks, hosted by Y Combinator.

Seq was an early deeplinking app that allowed for search within apps.

Wine Me! was a machine learning wine recommendation app concept.

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